For the past 34 years, RIO owners Matt & Jeannie Mitchell have been in the hospitality industry leading the way in restaurants. Their hands-on approach has allowed them to not only lead a team but be a part of the team. With the willingness to serve others in the trenches as well as teach a strong work ethic, the Mitchells have created their niche in the hospitality industry with a servant leadership approach. Starting as team members and working their way up the ladder, with the help of a very talented team, the Mitchells now own and operate 6 restaurants.


As fate would have it, in early 2015 the Mitchell’s became part owners of a 7-year-old warmblood named Sczarge. During the first half of 2015, they attended several local shows to watch Sczarge compete in the hunter ring, then as summer arrived, they traveled to watch him compete on a national level. While they traveled with Sczarge they realized there was a need for a facility to bridge the gap between local and national shows. The question quickly arose, “What would happen if we built a 200 stall show facility and added a heavy dose of hospitality for riders, horses, and spectators?” Led by that Sczarge-initiated dream, the search for the perfect property began and the result was the creation of RIO Equestrian Centre.


Rio was designed to offer riders and horses alike the ultimate showing experience.


8521 S Stillhouse Rd. Oak Grove, MO 64075